Storage for interchangeable needle sets?

I’d been looking for a good interchangeable needle case for ages. The plastic case that my set came in fell apart in about a minute. Unfortunately, all the ones I looked at online or in person were either too expensive, not very good quality, or too small to hold the whole set. I know what you’re thinking. “You get what you pay for!” While I agree with that to some extent, I think it’s worth it to try to save when you can AND still get a quality product. 🙂

If you’ve ever searched “interchangeable needle case” on Google, you’ll know that they can get pretty expensive. The cheapest I found was $13 or $14 on Amazon (without shipping), but they can easily reach $30 or more if you buy them from websites that specialize in knitting-related items. I’m sure that $30 doesn’t seem like much to some people, but my priorities are this: if I spend less on knitting accessories, I have more to spend on good yarn! ❤

With this in mind, I went on a search for a cheaper case that would meet my needs. I’m not picky; I just wanted something large enough to hold all my needles, cords, and maybe even some DPNs, with a sturdy, cushioned material that would protect them while in my project bag. I dropped into a few local craft stores and that’s when I found the perfect case.


I found this baby at Hobby Lobby in the art supplies section. It’s supposed to be for pencils, but it’s just perfect for knitting needles! There’s a ton of room since it has two compartments, and it’s very sturdy. The best part is I used a coupon and paid about $15 for it. It was way cheaper than anything I found online and way better quality than the actual needle cases they sell at the local craft stores.


In the first compartment, I have the entirety of my interchangeable needle set, and I keep some extra circulars and some DPNs in the second compartment. And there’s room to spare!

Despite how much it holds, the case itself is about 11″ x 8″ x 1.5″ so it closes and zips up to a reasonable size. It fits easily into all my bags so I’m pleased with how compact it is. Also, they carry different sizes, so I have a smaller one with my 16″ hat needle set that only cost me about $9.

I was very pleased to find a cheaper alternative so I wanted to share for others who have been looking for a good, cheap case. These cases are Global Art brand and come in several different sizes. I bought the 120 (pencil) capacity and the 48 capacity cases for my sets. Also, I’m not being paid or anything for this; I just thought it was a good idea.

So how about you? Have you found an unusual/unique way to store your needles? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

Tools of the trade

It’s been pretty slow-going with my projects recently. I’ve finished off everything except for my dad’s socks, and I’m hesitant to start any new projects just yet. Mostly because I can’t decide on any one thing. Or I haven’t bought the yarn for the things that I want to do yet. I’ll have plenty of time to decide once I finish these socks though. I’m not too worried about it, honestly.

Until I get some more projects on my hook/needles, I thought it might be fun to talk about my knitting/crochet tool pouch. I have a large bag (Actually a diaper bag, ha ha!) that I carry my current projects and extra yarn in, but I keep most of my tools in a little pouch for safekeeping. I also have a “hook book” which I will also be showing.


I keep most of my tools in this pencil pouch. I bought it on sale at Wal-mart for a dollar after the school supply rush was over. It was the only one of its kind left, and the cupcakes were so adorable that I couldn’t say no. It’s too cute, right!?

Before I bought this, I was actually looking online for… Specialty bags? Pouches meant specifically for holding knitting and crochet stuff? They were pretty expensive though, and they didn’t seem to have anything really “special” about them, honestly. To be fair, this pouch doesn’t either, besides the cuteness, but $1 is much better than $10+!

These are a few of the extra bits I like to keep inside:


TOP: I like to have a length of yarn close by for inserting lifelines. There’s also my handy counter, some T-pins, stitch stoppers, and a thimble for attaching buttons. (I learned the hard way after putting a needle halfway through my finger. OUCH!) I also keep a couple gel grips. I’ll explain why a little later. 😉

LEFT: I was looking for a pair of scissors with a sheath because I didn’t want my scissors tearing up everything else inside my bag. I guess they don’t make “adult” scissors with sheaths, so I bought these children’s safety scissors instead. And apparently I was feeling very purple when I started buying these supplies. My scissors, measuring tape, and pen all fit the accidental scheme.
Also, you can see that I keep a tube of lip gloss in there as well. Baby Lips is my favorite so I always have some with me~

RIGHT: My little pouch is the perfect shape and size to carry around my stitch holders and cable needles. I like to have my set of DPNs stashed away just in case I decide to do an I-cord. Or sometimes I transfer my stitches over when doing kitchener stitch. It’s less awkward than trying to get my stitches right on circulars.

In my experience, most knitters/crocheters have a funky addiction to stitch markers. I am clearly no exception. I even attempted to make myself a set of beaded stitch markers, but they didn’t come out right. I’m going to pull them apart and try again. They weren’t worth photographing now, but if they come out nice next time, I’ll share for sure!

Anyway, I love locking stitch markers the most. They slide easily on my needles or I can clip them to a stitch to mark it for whatever reason. They are so handy because you can slip them off whenever you want to. You don’t have to knit around to the marker and then attempt to remember to slip it off. (I always forget!) Just -click click!- and you’re done.

I have a tip for anyone who has yet to buy themselves stitch markers. The Clover brand markers are the best that I’ve used. I made the mistake of buying the cheapo Susan Bates Crystalites markers, and they’ve all broken after the first use.
The plastic is too hard, I guess. When I try to close them, they would rather break in half. Clover brand, however, is very supple for plastic. They bend easily, and I haven’t broken the first one yet. (Which tells me the breaking problem with the Crystalites wasn’t because I don’t know my own strength. :P)

The things that I can’t fit into my yarnie tool kit, I leave in my “hook book”. I bought this nifty carrying case back when I first started crocheting. I guess I could have bought a pencil case for these too, but I’m a little particular about my hooks. I don’t like to leave them disorganized. With this case, I can easily arrange them from smallest to largest so it’s really convenient. Besides my hooks, it also holds a couple gauge rulers and my tapestry needles. I also keep a hair clip in there for holding my bangs out of my eyes.

I bought my Boye hooks when I first started crocheting because the set at Wal-mart was really cheap. Shortly after, my mother-in-law gave me her Susan Bates hook, and I’ve loved the inline hooks ever since. My Boye hooks still see a lot of use though; some days I feel like using one over the other. I guess I’m trying to say it’s just nice to have them both.

Welp, that’s what I like to keep in my yarnie tool kit. Do y’all have tool pouches like mine? Are there any items that you can’t knit/crochet without? Let me know in the comments! (For me, it’s definitely my counter and my stitch markers. I lose track of what I’m doing too easily!)


P.s. I almost forgot to show you what I use the gel grips for!

My fingers start to lock up and hurt a bit if I crochet for long periods. I couldn’t find any thick, cushy interchangeable handles, and I didn’t want to replace all of my crochet hooks with the handled kind. Instead, I found a video on YouTube explaining how to make grips from pencil gel grips. They work great too~