Pattern: Tough Stuff Socks


I recently bought The Sock Knitter’s Handbook by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott. It’s probably one of the most useful knitting books I’ve ever bought, honestly. It’s full of all kinds of advice and techniques for knitting socks from the cuff and from the toe.
Now that I’m familiar with the techniques involved in sock knitting, I thought it’d be neat to write my own pattern. Specifically, I wanted to write a pattern for men’s socks since I was having such a hard time finding a pattern that was the right style and size for T.

Honestly, I was just going to keep this pattern for personal use, but then I thought that someone else might be able to use it. It’s written for worsted weight yarn so I think it’s a good pattern for people who have knitted training socks before and want to try a full sized pair of socks. It works up quickly, and the stitch pattern is very simple.

I’m thinking about knitting up a pair of socks for myself so I may post a women’s version later. (These socks are made for a men’s US size 10 foot so it would fit a woman’s foot of similar size.)



1 skein of worsted weight yarn (I used Lion Brand Heartland in Glacier Bay)
Size 4 needles
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle


  • CO – cast on
  • st – stitch
  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • yo – yarn over
  • sl – slip

Stitch patterns:

Bamboo stitch
Row 1: yo, k2, sl yo over both st and off needle, continue until end
Row 2: k all st

Eye of Partridge stitch with garter stitch edging

(Starting on wrong side)

Row 1: k3, p across rest of st
Row 2: p3, *sl 1, k1* repeat until last 3 st, k3
Row 3: k3, p across
Row 4: p3, *k1, sl 1* repeat until last 3, k3


CO 48 st with the Super Stretchy Cast-on
Join to knit in the round and place marker.


Round 1 – 10: k2, p2 all the way around
Round 11: k all st (48 st)


Round 12 – 31: Work leg following bamboo stitch pattern for 10 repeats/20 rows, ending on row 2 of pattern (48 st)


Determine which side the top of your sock will be. The heel flap is worked back and forth on the 24 st of the side you choose.

(NOTE: The Eye of Partridge pattern starts on the wrong side of the fabric so make sure the side you are starting your heel flap on is a purl row. )

Work the Eye of Partridge stitch for 6 repeats/24 rows, ending on row 4 of pattern (48 st)


Row 1: Sl 1, p12, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 2: Sl 1, k3, ssk, k1. Turn
Row 3: Sl1, p to 1 st before gap, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 4: Sl1, k to 1 st before gap, k2tog, k1. Turn.

Repeat rows 3 + 4 until all st are worked. (14 st on needle)



Pick up and knit 12 st down the side of the heel flap. Pick up and knit 2 additional st between heel flap and instep according to the above image. (Insert the needle under the red leg in the direction of the yellow arrows.)

Work across instep in pattern.

Pick up and knit 2 st between instep and heel flap as you did on opposite side. Pick up and knit 12 st up the side of the heel flap.

K across heel until 2 st before instep, ssk.

K in pattern across instep.

K2tog, k to middle of heel stitches. Place marker for new start of round.


Round 1:
k to 3 st before instep, k2tog, k1
k across instep in pattern
k1, ssk, k to end

Round 2:
k all st in pattern
k to end

Repeat until 48 st remain

Knit remaining heels stitches until you reach instep stitches. Remove marker from middle of heel and replace at the beginning of the instep stitches.


K in stockinette on sole of sock and in pattern on instep until desired length, ending on first row of instep pattern repeat.


Round 1: *k1, ssk, k across until 3 st remain, k2tog, k1* repeat
Round 2: K across

Repeat until 24 st remain on needles

Graft st using kitchener stitch.

Voila! One beautiful finished sock! Time to make another~


FO: Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Ugh, I hate how long it takes me to post my WIP and FO entries! My main problem is that when I sit down to take pictures of my projects, I end up deleting them because they come out too dark, among other things. The lighting in my house is just so bad, I think I’m going to have to buy a lamp or something just for photoshoots. 😐


At any rate, I finally finished my pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks! I am so thrilled with how these have come out. They fit me perfectly and are so comfortable. I’ve never worn socks made specifically for my feet before, but I really want to replace all of my store-bought socks with handknit socks; that’s how amazing they are!

T did a great job picking out the yarn as well. I love the way the colors came out, and it was so nice to work with. I’ve never worked with yarn that has nylon before so having that stretch to it was new for me.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post with my top 10 favorite knitting patterns. I mentioned that I’d feel like a knitting master once I make them all. I can finally tick these babies off the list; only nine more to go!


WIP: Hermione’s Everyday Socks

I am so unbelievably excited to say that I’m working on this project! I’ve mentioned it before in several entries, but I don’t think I ever told y’all that this was the pattern that made me want to knit socks in the first place. So successfully working on it now makes me feel like I’ve achieved sock knitting perfection. (Which is totally untrue! I’ve only knitted 1 1/2 successful pairs of socks before, ha ha!)

IMG_1986I also found that it’s really hard to take good pictures of in-progress socks. I just couldn’t find a good angle to show off the texture while showing my current progress. I’ll post some better ones once I finish up!

It’s actually been a while since I took this picture. This is the first sock; I’ve since completed it and am now working on the foot of the second sock. I’m almost to the toe, and I’m sooooo excited to finish these up and put them on my feet! Nothing feels better than finally getting to wear the project you’ve been working so hard on~

The yarn I’m using was actually picked out by T. (Doesn’t he have good taste?) I was walking around the craft store with an arm full of yarn that I couldn’t choose from. He took a look and selected this. And it’s been so nice to work with! No splitting, no unraveling, no mysterious knots, and I love the colors! I hadn’t thought about it when we first bought it because I couldn’t see the color pattern until I worked it up, but the colors totally remind me of the Tardis!
(And the yarn is Premier Yarns brand Wool-Free sock yarn in Oceanic, in case you wanted to know. 😉 )

I’m hoping to reach the toe today and see if I can’t finish it up. Hopefully I’ll have a couple FOs to show you in the near future. 😀

Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday Socks

FOs: Lightsaber popsicle hilts + coffee cup cozies + moar

I’ve been terrible about keeping up with my FOs! I don’t have very good lighting in my house so I can only take pictures of my projects during certain times of the day. I’d love to have a lighting set-up eventually, but for now I have to limit my photo shoots to the few precious hours when the sunlight pours in through my living room windows.

But I finally have the pictures to prove that I’ve been working hard on my projects, even if I haven’t been posting them as often as I should. A couple of these have been in progress for quite a while, regrettably, but I made the rest within the past week or so.

Let’s start with the oldest first!


I started working on these crocheted Lightsaber hilts ages ago for my Pathfinder group. We used to get together every other week to geek out and fight orcs, trolls, and necromancers, so I thought it would be neat to crochet a little nerdy something for each of our members. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the time to play for a long while, so I decided to scrap the project. I kept the ones that I finished for myself and T, but I neglected to weave in the ends or sew on the buttons until recently. It’s a shame too because now that I’ve finished them, I love them so much!


It’s the perfect time for lounging around outside with a popsicle in hand since the weather has warmed up. And don’t these look just perfect with the popsicles inside!? T and I can’t help having a impromptu battle every time we eat one now. Because we’re the coolest kids at the party.

My brother developed a bit of an obsession with Kylo Ren after we went to see The Force Awakens together. I’m thinking about making him a little replica of Ren’s Lightsaber, complete with the crossguard beams. It’ll take a little bit of alteration to make it work, but I’ll make a post about it, if I can manage it. 🙂

For those of you who want to make your own popsicle hilts, this pattern is available on Ravelry. It was free when I first found it, but the pattern author has since started charging for it. It’s only 99 cents though so if you don’t mind paying for patterns, it’s pretty cheap as far as that goes.

This next project has been sitting in my Ravelry queue since my early crocheting days. I hate that it’s taken me this long to finally make them because they were so easy, and they’re actually a handy thing to have around. Coffee cup cozies! (Modeled on Solo cups because I don’t have any of those cardboard to-go cups!)

The cozy on the left was designed by Twinkie Chan, whose cute patterns almost single-handedly convinced me to start crocheting. The one on the left was made for me; the one on the right is an alteration I made for T. It’s supposed to look like Zoidberg from Futurama, but it came out a little wonky. I think that I’m going to try writing a pattern for an actual Zoidberg cozy so that I can fix the mouth tentacles and add the rest of his face.

(This pattern is free on Twinkie Chan’s blog.)

IMG_1960Last but not least, I managed to finish these humongous socks for my dad! These were my first human-sized socks. It may have been a mistake to make my first socks for my dad just because the size was overwhelming. I’ll just stick to making them for me and other people with a less Hobbit-like foot size. XD

(The pattern for these socks is free and can be found here.)

Do you have any projects fresh off the needles/hook? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Thanks for reading! 😀

Do you know a Bigfoot?

Everything’s progressing according to plan… Mweh heh heh~

I’ve managed to almost finish one for realsies sock without any major mess-ups! I turned the heel, picked up stitches, and joined the gusset flawlessly. I even tried the sock on last night; it fit me almost perfectly. The only problem is this pair was supposed to be for my dad. Oops?

I’m starting to worry that these socks will never see the light of my dad’s feet. (wat?) I might end up keeping them for myself if they end up too small. Hopefully they’ll stretch out a little once I block them. Or maybe the fit will improve as I continue down the foot.

What does all of this have to do with Bigfoot? Welly, well, well, reader, I will tell you now~

My dad has huge feet. He’s a US size 13, and anyone who has tried finding a sock pattern for size 13 feet will know that it’s very difficult, especially if you’re looking for something simple and beginner-friendly. (I don’t know enough about socks to wing it yet.)

Luckily, I managed to find a pattern someone posted on their blog. It wasn’t on Ravelry so I had to dig through Google until I found it. Looking for it was super time consuming so I wanted to post the link here for others who may have a Bigfoot in the family. 😉

Bigfoot Socks by Linda

I like that this pattern calls for the yarn to be doubled; it knits up so much faster! And I’m using worsted weight (even though the pattern calls for DK yarn) so it’s easy to see what I’m doing. They’re knitting up so thick and warm! Perfect for pulling on with snow boots or wearing indoors while curled up on the coach with some hot tea~
(Not that my dad would do that last part, but it’s definitely what I’ll be doing when I make mine!)

I showed Dad my handiwork when I visited the other day, and he absolutely loved them! I was nervous because he doesn’t generally gush or show excitement; I was worried I wouldn’t be able to tell if he liked them or not! But he really did gush this time, which was fun. I can’t wait to hand them over now!