FO: Masonry Mitts

Thanks to Ravelry, I became aware that my yarn stash was out of control. Ever since I started knitting, I’ve kept track of all my projects, yarn, and other supplies on there so every bit of yarn that I’ve collected goes straight into my stash page. And it’s… it’s pretty bad right now. But Ravelry also has a cool feature where you can look up projects based on yarn weight and fiber so I’ve been using that to find as many projects as possible for smashing my stash. This is one such project.

I knew that I wanted to try knitting some gloves, but I wanted to start with some fingerless projects first before tackling those tiny fingers. That’s when this pattern jumped out at me. Masonry Mitts by Vera Brosgol. I loved the look of the stockinette with the alternating garter stitch pattern so I started working on them immediately!
Unfortunately I didn’t have any nice wool to use on them, but I happened to have some Red Heart in one of my favorite color combinations~
(The colorway is “Earth and Sky”, by the way.)


I also took this opportunity to try learning how to knit with DPNs! It ended up being much easier than I first thought. I was kind of intimidated by the amount of needles and so worried that I was going to slip one out by mistake!

I was also so worried about laddering! What would I do if my precious labor-of-love mitts had four awful ladders running up them!? Luckily, I didn’t have that problem! Becca over at The Knitted had a great video on how to keep your knitted tubes from developing the dreaded ladder. The technique she showed was so helpful! I’ll leave a link to her post here, in case anyone else would like to see it.


I guess I’m a really slow knitter because it took me around 3 weeks to finish these. They came out so nice though! I can’t wait for the weather to get cool again so that I can wear them! The only problem is that they are a little big for me. The pattern page said that they were a size medium, which I thought was fine. Maybe my hands are tinier than I thought?