10848327_901592396517650_2035697542_n_zpsfzvbiajuHeya! Welcome to Stitched Serene (Formerly “From Bad to Worsted”), a blog centered around knitting and crochet. I am Rachel, author and moderator of this site.

I first started crocheting in September 2013 after seeing some amazing (and nerdy) projects on Pinterest. I had wanted to get into a productive hobby so when my mother-in-law told me crochet was fairly easy, I couldn’t stop myself from rushing to the store to buy my first hook and skein.

I found myself making many friends because of my new hobby. Some of them could not only crochet, but also knit, which seemed like magic to me! I found myself fascinated with the light ‘clik clik’ of their knitting needles as they worked and I couldn’t resist! I had to try knitting for myself so I got to work on my first knitted piece in February 2014.

Many things have happened since then. Knitting and crochet have become a regular part of my day. I just don’t feel like the day is complete until I work a couple rows in my newest project. And I’ve even learned how to write my own patterns! (Which I thought I’d never do.)

This blog is just the next step in my yarn journey. I wanted a place to write about my experiences, showcase my latest projects, and share my patterns. Once I become more experienced, I want to try my hand at writing tutorials as well!

Thanks for visiting!