FO: Cropped sweater

I’m so thrilled to say that I finally finished my first sweater! I made a WIP post about this in May, but I actually cast on this baby way back in February. I went into it knowing that it would take me a while before I could wear my finished project. Sure enough, a little under 5 months later, I found myself finally blocking it and getting ready to put it all together. To be honest, I expected it to take longer than 5 months. It was a large project, and I’m not a very fast knitter. Luckily the pattern called for worsted weight yarn on very large needles so it really flew by!


This project was also the first time that I used mattress stitch. The pattern was worked in four pieces so some seaming was necessary. Having a little bit of experience in sewing and making clothing really helped me here. I was able to set in the sleeves with no issue, and all of edges matched up!

And have I mentioned how much I love the colors in this yarn? The green and blues are so eye-catching, but the grey really helps tone them down so they don’t overwhelm.

I used Caron Big Cakes in Pistachio Macaron. Two skeins was enough for the whole project with a large portion left over. I’m thinking about making some accessories to go with it. Maybe a hat with a faux fur pom pom? I’ve been wanting an excuse to buy some pom poms, ha ha!

All in all, I’m super happy with my new sweater. I can’t wait to wear it this fall. I was burning up just wearing it for a few minutes for pictures, but it’s going to be so cozy and comfortable when the weather is nice and cool in October. It’ll be great! ❤

IMG_3550I’m already looking forward to making another sweater. I have so many wonderful patterns in my library on Ravelry. I think the hardest part will be deciding which to try next. I definitely want to attempt knitting one in one piece. No weaving in ends!


Pattern: Cropped Boatneck Sweater by Vi Bui
Yarn: Caron Big Cakes in Pistachio Macaron

16 thoughts on “FO: Cropped sweater

  1. Ooooh, it’s gorgeous! I love the colours, and the stripe pattern, and that oh-so-flattering straight neckline! I bet you can hardly wait for the cooler weather to set in. And you probably know this already, but look for patterns that are knit top-down in the round for your next sweater… No seams, and if your circular needle is big enough you can try it on as you go! Good luck 😀

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  2. Beautiful, and the colours are great! I’m impressed with your seaming skills, for me this part is such a pain, even though I can sew it just doesn’t work the same for me on knitted fabric.

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  3. Thank you! 🙂
    And I know, right? I picked a cropped sweater pattern because I thought I wouldn’t have enough for a full sweater, but I have so much left over, I think I could’ve made a full one if I wanted!


  4. Thanks! 😀
    I’m definitely going to try knitting in the round for my next sweater. I didn’t mind the sewing so much, but I’d rather not have the huge seams on the inside.


  5. Thank you! 🙂
    Knowing a little about sewing helped me with the placement and matching the edges, but learning how to seam knitted fabric is definitely a bit of a learning curve.


  6. Thank you! 🙂
    It’ll probably be October before it’s cool enough to wear it, but I think I’m too excited to wait that long, ha ha!


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