FO: Cutest jellyfish in the world

My project page on Ravelry just hit 50 unique projects! It’s so cool to be able to look back at everything I’ve made, from practical wool scarves and hats to cute plushes and cozies. Many of these items were made as gifts, but as I browsed through some of my past projects I realized that I hadn’t made anything for my sister yet!

January is her birthday month so I finally took the opportunity to make her a little something. She loves jellyfish and the color purple so I knew this would be the perfect gift.

Behold! The cutest jellyfish in the world!


It only took me two evenings of crocheting to complete this project. I binge watched the first season of Sherlock as I worked, and the time flew right by. I really enjoyed working up this little guy. He is so adorable, I think I need one for myself. Just look at that little face!

If you are interested in crocheting one of these cuties for yourself, the pattern is Friendly Jellyfish by ChiWei Ranck. I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in Amethyst and Rosey II. One skein of each was enough to finish with some left over. Thinking about making some washcloths with the remains. I could always use more washcloths…


For the features, I used a pair of 9mm safety eyes, as the pattern called for them, and a bit of left over black fingering weight yarn for the mouth.

It took quite a bit of hunting before I found the 9mm eyes, so I’ll save you some time; Michael’s doesn’t carry them at all, but you can find them at Joann or Hobby Lobby in the aisle with the dolls and doll clothing. Or you can order them online, if neither of these stores are available to you.

14 thoughts on “FO: Cutest jellyfish in the world

  1. Cute!
    Congrats on your Ravelry 50 projects 🙂 I love checking the total yardage of yarn in my projects on Ravelry and imagining what two places/ towns I could connect with the yarn I’ve used 😉

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  2. I really love ChiWei’s patterns! I’m going to make her baby whale this month 🙂 You jellyfish really is too cute, I’m sure your sister will love it!

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  3. Thanks! 🙂
    Once you get the hang of it, crochet is actually pretty easy to do. Much easier than knitting, in my opinion. I started with crochet and never imagined I’d have the dexterity to knit. 😛

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  4. Thanks! When I gave it to her, she reacted even better than I hoped she would. 😀

    And I saw the whale amigurumi too! So cute! I also had my eye on the ball shark pattern. They’re all just too adorable.

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  5. She seemed to really love it! Even more than I hoped she would. 😀

    Sherlock really is great to watch while crocheting/knitting. The only thing is that this is my first time watching it so sometimes I get so caught up in the episode that I forget to work on my project. 😛


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