Mystery blanket WIP


I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t like making blankets very much… Or at all. But for some crazy reason, I’ve found myself in the middle of crocheting a new blanket. I thought that making a blanket that was relevant to my interests would encourage me to keep at it and finish it in a timely manner. Unfortunately, it was only effective for one of those things. I am still working on it, but I started working on it back in September of last year. Not so timely, huh?

Not only is it crazy that I’m making a blanket; I’m making it out of exactly 418 3″ x 3″ squares! 418! I finished the squares after only a month or two, but I ran into a snag while joining them. Down to the bottom of my project bag it went. I finally dug it out again a few weeks ago, and I’m going through the painstaking process of weaving in the ends on every square before joining.


I have a design in mind so I chose a join with almost no ridges that would look the same on each side. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I found the information on the join, but I think it’s this join from the Lion Brand website.

Also, the granny squares themselves were made using the pattern Solid Granny Squares on Ravelry.

I don’t want to give away any information on the design just yet. I’ll be posting teaser pictures as it comes along. Hopefully it won’t take another year for me to finish. 😉

30 thoughts on “Mystery blanket WIP

  1. I hear you on making blankets. It took me three years to finally knuckle down and finish the granny square blanket I made. (It seems that it might be a similar idea: pixel art? Mine was over 500 squares though.) I’ve found that I have a higher chance of finishing the blankets if there’s no sewing involved, though.

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  2. See, I love making blankets. Love it. They’re my go-to project for when I need something mindless. Well, usually. Am currently working on one that’s got me stumped, so I’ve not gotten anywhere with it yet, but I know that once I figure out the how, it’ll go quickly. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

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  3. I know the feeling that you explained so well. It reminds me the dress I am making of small doily motives. I hate joining them, waving the ends and I also like to “forget” it. I have made it for years, but it is more like I work on it for a month and then leave it behind for several months etc. It also tends to take the motivation away. Using motives makes it even harder. So, I wish you good luck and I feel ya.

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  4. Ha ha, that was a good guess! It is pixel art. 🙂
    I definitely relate about the sewing. I’m so slow when in comes to hand sewing, and it kills my desire to work on it a little. It’s better results than any crochet join I could find so I’m gonna tough it out. 🙂


  5. I’m so jealous that you enjoy making blankets though! I really, really want to like it because there are so many beautiful patterns, but it feels like it takes so long to make them. I guess I’m just an instant gratification kind of person. 😛


  6. Yes! That is exactly how this blanket has gone with me so far. Hand sewing isn’t my strong point so weaving in the ends and joining the squares is what really drains my motivation.
    Good luck on your project too! ❤

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  7. Lol nothing wrong with that. Guess it depends on how you get into It? For me it’s a great way of still being able to craft even when I’m not feeling all that great. Especially if I’m foggy, though it has to be uber simple at that point. The only thing I will never do (unless we ever get one of our own) is make a King sized one. Queen is my max lol

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  8. I can definitely see why they would make good projects for sick days. Maybe my problem is that all I’ve made are granny square variations, and I’m not super into granny squares. (Despite this post suggesting otherwise, ha ha!) I should find a good pattern and see if I feel any different after working up something new.
    And you are doing way better than me. I don’t know if I’ll ever manage a Queen size! 🙂


  9. so next time, do a variation of a granny square? Or a ripple, or whatever. Also, maybe knit instead? I can’t remember if you do or not
    Haha, first blanket I made (not sure if it’s ‘ever’, but sure as heck in a long time) was a Queen size for our bed. We still have it (granted, with a few holes and snags in it now. I really should try to fix that soon). I’ve also made several for presents, including Queen and the aforementioned King (which I shall never repeat and certainly never gift again. Bastard never so much as thanked me for it)

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  10. Wow that is a lot of squares and ends to weave in!! I avoid doing granny’s specifically because I don’t want to do all weaving and joining. I don’t mind making blankets but usually somewhere near the middle I completely lose interest in it and want to start something new. I love the colors of your squares and I can’t wait to see it all put together!! 😀

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  11. I do knit as well. I’ve seen several beautiful throw patterns so I might give that a shot at some point as well.
    Oh no! Nothing is worse than working long and hard on a gift of that magnitude and not getting at least a ‘thank you’! 😦


  12. Thanks! 😀
    Yes, that’s what happens to me as well! I have a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning, but by the halfway point, I’m ready for something else.

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  13. Right? I was sooo pissed. It’s even worse because he had BEGGED me to make the damn thing for him. (yes, he got struck from the list of people I make things for, not that it matters because he’s an ex-inlaw now)

    and go for it! You might find you enjoy blankets after all 😉

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  14. Same! I get an itch to start something new about halfway through, but I hate having half-finished projects laying around. 😕


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