Cute fitness idea from Pinterest!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this in my blog or not so I’m going to start from the beginning!

In October of last year I decided to start dieting; in fact, I started the day before my birthday. (Bad idea, in retrospect, because I ended up not getting any birthday cake. 😦 )
But I’ve been going strong for more than 4 months, and I’ve managed to drop almost 40 lbs! I still have a quite a ways to go yet before I reach my goal, however I seem to have plateaued for one reason or another.

Determined to break free of this weight-loss rut, T and I agreed that it’d be a good idea to get a home gym. Initially, we had thought about getting a gym membership, but we’ve never stepped foot in a gym before. Not only were we worried that we wouldn’t have time to go often enough to make the expense worth it, but neither of us liked the idea of getting stinky and sweaty in public anyway. Besides, once we worked out the math, we found that the nice home gym we were looking at cost as much as 10 months worth of gym membership. (Not including gas to get to the gym in the first place.) In the end, the idea of working out at home won out over the idea of being smelly in front of people so we bought the home gym! Yay!

As we were waiting for it to come in, I poured through numerous blogs and articles on weightlifting, fitness, and the best ways to tone your body. There was no end to the amount of fitness regimes that others were pushing as “the best way to lose belly fat”, “the best workout for toning your booty”, etc.

None of them looked very exciting to me, honestly. They were often made up of the same few exercises done repeatedly for days and days. Boring! I’m the kind of person who likes having new things to do all the time. (Besides, I’ve read that repetitive workout plans become less effective the longer you do them. Who needs that mess!?)

I turned to Pinterest because it’s the capital of awesome ideas on the internet, in my opinion. And it didn’t disappoint! When I searched something like “workout routine for women”, this little gem popped up. This was exactly the kind of creative alternative I was looking for!

Now, I’m usually the one pinning everything, but never really having time to do any of the cute DIY stuff that I save. This time was different. I immediately scoured Google and made a list of all the exercises that I would be able to do, separating everything based on what part of the body it would work, then I ran to the dollar store for a pack of colored sticks. It took me most of the afternoon to arrange all of the exercises and write them down, but by the end of the day, I had completed my cute full-body workout generator!

I started my weekly workout regime last week, and I have to say that I’m very excited with how it’s turning out. There’s something about random selection that makes things so fun. I like not knowing what my workout looks like until I draw my sticks, then I get excited about trying the new exercises. I also intend to add more sticks or swap some out on a monthly basis just to keep things fresh.

At any rate, I really loved this idea, and I thought it would be a shame not to share! It’s done wonders for me so far, and even T is excited about working out now. If any of y’all have seen this before or decide to try it, let me know in the comments how it goes for you! 😀

6 thoughts on “Cute fitness idea from Pinterest!

  1. You’re right. It can be so hard to make time for yourself because it’s easy to say “I’ll just do that later”. But I’ve just finished my first full week of exercise, and not only has it been fun, but I’m actually feeling so much better already! I think that this will be something that I can stick with. 🙂

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