Necklaces & stitch markers

I found myself at Hobby Lobby yesterday while I was out, and I was so happy to see that they were having a sale on the Fairy Tale brand charms! I’ve admired these charms from afar for a long time, waiting for them to go on sale. Yesterday was my lucky day, I guess. It was entirely by accident that I found myself in the jewelry-making aisle in the first place.

I picked two lockets that I’ve had my eyes on for some time and started browsing for some chains and other extras that would go well with my selections. Here’s what I came up with!

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I’ve loved Alice in Wonderland for as long as I can remember. It started with the Disney cartoon long before I was old enough to read, but as soon as I was able, I read the book. When I saw this “curiouser & curiouser” locket, it was instant love. I even managed to find a charm that I liked to go with it! I don’t know why the fish feels like it fits so well to me. Maybe because of the Fish Footman?

I had at least two other book lockets picked out before finally choosing this brass book. It was much easier to find a charm that I liked to go with it. (It took me a solid 10 minutes of searching before I found the fish!) I like the key because reading always feels like you’re unlocking the secrets of another world, right? I feel like it fits well. ❤


I also bought a couple bags of 6mm rings to go with each necklace so I was ready to assemble them as soon as I got home. All in all, it took me maybe 5 minutes to put each necklace together. I attached the rings for the smaller charms into the chain links to keep the small charms from banging into the lockets. I also felt like it would give the necklaces a “cleaner” feel to keep the locket and charm a little separate.

The last step is to print some pictures to go inside. I’ve already picked the ones that I want, but when I took them to be printed, there wasn’t an option for making them small enough to fit in the locket. I think I’ve found a way around that though so I’ll try again after making some small modifications to the pictures. 😉

One last thing that I found at Hobby Lobby was a pack of clasps that would be perfect for stitch markers! I grabbed a pack and made myself a set of markers with some leftover beads from a previous jewelry project. I think they came out lovely, and I can’t wait to use them~


20 thoughts on “Necklaces & stitch markers

  1. Right? I love them too~ 🙂
    I’ve been wearing the “curiouser & curiouser” one non-stop. I wore the book for a little while, but the chain discolored my skin a little so I had to take it off. 😦


  2. Oh, that sounds awesome! Do you have a particular version of the Mad Hatter that you’re gonna get? I was thinking about getting the Cheshire Cat from American McGee’s Alice at some point, but not sure yet. 🙂

    And thank you! 😀


  3. Ooohhhh I love the Cheshire cat and now the waters are muddied…haha! I have a fabulous artist who will do my own personal version of the Hatter, but I do send him pics…probably something similar to the original Alice in Wonderland book…:D

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  4. Glad you liked them! They’re really cheap and easy to make. It took me maybe 5 minutes to put them together and only a few dollars to buy the supplies. 🙂


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