How about some sock knitting?

If I had to name something that I want to learn more than anything else, it would be how to knit a sock. I’ve seen loads of tutorials on YouTube and other parts of the internet; everything from sock knitting with DPNs to the two toe-up on one circular method. Nothing seems to stick, unfortunately, so I’ve only made one successful pair of training socks. (And I’m using the term “successful” very loosely.)

My desire to knit socks came when I saw Erica Lueder’s beautiful Harry Potter-themed socks on Ravelry. I love Harry Potter (Mostly the books. Movies weren’t so great after the second one, to be honest…) so these socks quickly became my goal.

My one successful sock… Now a change purse.

Every time I bring these patterns up to T, he tells me that he doesn’t see how you can make socks that represent a person. To that I say, sure you can! There’s a lot that you can tell about someone’s socks! For example, if I saw someone wearing Slytherin socks, I would know not to associate with that person. Ravenclaw all the way! (I kid, I kid!)

Anyway, back to the topic, I’m going to take up my needles and start practicing again tomorrow. Maybe something has clicked while I wasn’t paying attention. Hopefully. (Please pray for me, y’all! XD)

If y’all know of any good tutorials or books for sock knitting, leave me a comment! I’d appreciate the recommendations tremendously!

2 thoughts on “How about some sock knitting?

  1. Me too! 😁 (On all counts, socks *and* potter!)

    My first sock was this one ( and I used 4 double-pointed-needles. Other people have told me that its easier with a super long circular needle, done with the “magic loop” method, but I figured I needed to know the basics first… If our great great grandmothers could do it with four needles, I wanted to too!

    I think the hardest learning curve for me was the idea that you always have a bare needle to knit onto, you don’t knit around in a circle, (if that makes any sense?!) So if your stitches are all on 3 needles, you don’t knit from one to the other. You’re just working from one needle with stitches onto your 4th bare one, the same as if you were knitting flat!

    Give it a go 😊 practice makes perfect.

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  2. Ooh, thanks for the link! I haven’t tried this tutorial yet so I’ll give it a look today. 😀

    It was hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of having an empty needle as well! I’ve only used DPNs a handful of times because I felt like it was somehow a lot harder than circulars. I just haven’t had enough practice, I suppose. ^^’
    I definitely want to give it another shot though! Especially because the circular set I have doesn’t come with a needle small enough for sock weight yarn. I’d rather learn to use the DPNs I already have than buy more circulars. 😛


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